The following link is to a publication from the University of Tennessee Extension. Although the title is "BEEKEEPING IN TENNESSEE", it is an excellent source of information for all regions of the United States. NOTE: any reference to honey flows and their dates must be adjusted to your region. This information is accurate for Tennessee and similar climates. Now for the legal stuff: Copyright 2004 The University of Tennessee. All rights reserved. This document may be reproduced and distributed for nonprofit educational purposes provided that credit is given to University of Tennessee Extension. We are providing this link as this guide can educate beekeepers regardless of where they purchase their bees or queens. The link for this excellent beekeeping guide is: If that link doe not work, it is available locally on our server here. NOTE: This is about a 1.5 megabyte file so it might take a little while to load, so don't be too impatient! It is worth the wait.